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Constructive Feedback

by Niki Tudge

When working with clients, students, employees or contractors constructive criticism can be an essential tool when used with the intent of helping or improving a situation. However, constructive criticism can be one of the most challenging things not only to receive, but also to give. It can often involve various emotions and feelings, which can make matters very delicate. If you can learn effective ways to handle and deliver constructive criticism then every aspect of your business will benefit.

One important aspect of delivering constructive criticism is knowing the right time and place to deliver it. In some situations you may wait and provide feedback at a formal meeting. In other situations you need to give feedback immediately. If feedback is not timed appropriately it can leave clients or students doubting their abilities which can affect their training performance. If feedback to employees is left too late it can cause resentment and confusion.
When you are working with clients or embarking on a training session, repeated displays of incorrect or negative behavior need to be addressed fairly quickly to either stop or halt the problem or prevent it from occurring in the future.
Situations where you will need to communicate feedback:
• A client is consistently tardy to appointments.
• A client is deliberately not adhering to recommended training protocols or completing homework yet is complaining about not seeing results.
• An employee works hard during the day, but takes long breaks and lunches leaving the workplace unattended.
• A family is not pulling together with management activities that are impeding the training plan.


Personally i enjoy giving individuals feedback.  I think when it comes from a good place and the individual can sense you are invested in their success then it makes it much easier.

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