Impact Your Clients Ability to Become More Committed & Compliant To Your Recommended Behavior Change Procedures

by Niki Tudge.
One of the biggest challenges we have as dog training professionals is our ability to clearly communicate to our clients the necessary action and commitment required to help them change their dog’s behavior. More importantly how this action and commitment will look as a plan and a road map toward our future success. How many times do we felt dejected and let down when a lack of our perceived “client commitment and compliance” leaves us feeling helpless and wondering “if only”.

As one who continuously asks, “what could I have done better”, I have to believe that we do have some very powerful tools available to us if we avail ourselves to them. We have the power of communication and this alone can impact the lives of hundreds of dogs that pass through the front doors of our training facilities each year.

I believe communication is our most powerful ally. It is our trump card and a tool in our kit that needs to be readily available, fully flexed and always ready to go. If we do not have our ally alongside us and we are not able to have meaningful, engaging and impactful communication with our clients then we will never be able to create shared meaning around our philosophy, our goals and our ideas. This lack of shared meaning is the crux to many of the problems that manifest themselves as client lack of commitment, compliance and understanding. So our avenue to success is communication.

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